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7304 Grand Canyon Dr

Fresh Paint and new carpet help this recently constructed East Austin home shine. The home is located on a large lot in a cul-de-sac with a private backyard, only 10 minutes to downtown Austin. The first floor is 100% hard tile. The Master bedroom has a large walk in closet, and separate bath. The open floor plan is perfect for entertaining with a breakfast bar that opens to the main living area.

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2906 Greenlawn Pkwy Austin, Tx 78757

Be the envy of all your friends with this updated home in the heart of Allandale. Remodeled master bath with dual shower head, tile flooring through out the home, corian in kitchen, beautiful backyard, and designer touches throughout home.

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2713 Tether Trail Austin, Tx 78704

Spacious home in 78704. Home has lots of windows that allow for plenty of natural light. Curl up in the living room next to the fireplace, or enjoy the large back yard. The master bedroom is huge and has it’s own bathroom and walk-in closet. This home is in the heart of Barton Springs which makes it easy access to MoPac, Zilker, Downtown and more! 

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New addition to Downtown

west-fifth-colorado-streets-austin 600

The well-known Lincoln Property Co. based out of Dallas, TX will soon be home to downtown Austin once again. As the skyline is already changing and growing, the proposed project starting in 2015 however nothing looks to have been filed with the city as of yet, it sure will be a great add on to the buildings in the Downtown area of Austin. The development is planned to be 179,000 square foot building, including a six level parking garage, at the southwest corner of West Fifth and Colorado Street the architect HKS INC is the brains to the operation, which has also been a part of the Frost Bank Tower and The Cowboys stadium, just to name a few.  With street accessibility of 6,000 square feet of retail space, making the property a nine story office building, the current residents of this land are local trailer food trucks that will need to relocate. The feel of downtown is vastly growing and developing every day in which Austin is fully equipped to gain.

East Riverside Development

Southshore Development


Make way Austin, Riverside as we all know it will soon be completely changed if it hasn’t already shown progress, the set time frame is to be done as early as 2014, a $200 million development is set to transition the older run down parts of Austin, to now upscale living. The whole advancement will bring 800 chic, well designed apartment homes to the area with a span of 25 acres. Not only do they have prime access to Downtown which is only 2 miles away, dog parks, and front views of Lady Bird Lake, the expansion hopes to completely fulfill the evolution and revolve into more of a lifestyle than what it has been in all of our minds. The residents of Austin, will now have more of a option with a great living, not to mention the ability to improve this area dramatically, with accessibility for a bike ride, paddle-boarding, or just walk to the local bars or coffee shops . . . The Grayco Partners are the minds behind it all, and the south shore project will most definitely be a hit.

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An Economic Rise for the Second Quarter

The new housing starts are in for the second quarter of 2013.  The demand continues to outpace the supply due to the bustling economy and the large amount of immigration of people moving to Austin.  In 2013 there have been 9,027 new homes started.  This represents a 38% increase year to date.  New home closings in were very strong in the second quarter with 2,172 closings.  This was a 33% increase from the same quarter in 2012.  The annual pace is 24% better than the same time frame in 2012.
Builders are currently trying to meet the demand, at the moment there are 2,945 homes currently under construction.  That is 700 homes more than last quarter. One of the main issues builders are encountering is the increased build time due to the large amount of permit requests at the city.

Texas Sees Moderate Economic Growth In 2011

Good news for Austin Real Estate, because according to the lastest Beige Book report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, In the first month and a half of 2011, Texas has seen a moderate growth in it’s economy. The growth has been fueled by the continuted strength in the energy sector, which has led to an upward swing in demand for staffing services. The report, which was released yesterday, claimed the manufacturing and non-financial services sectors, in general, saw growth, and that commercial real estate markets have improved a slight amount. However, the housing market has remained a little slower, and the severe weather we had last month did lessen the retail sector that had remained relatively similar, if not slightly improved.

The labor sector has shown a slightly better picture. Some of the companies in accounting, sales, legal services and energy services have announced they would be expanding their payrolls in 2011. Wage pressures were not high, with exceptions coming in some of the higher skilled positions.

As stated by the Dallas Fed, the energy sector has maintained strong drilling activity, and that it has shifted away from natural gas and is now leaning toward oil drilling. It is said that unconventional shale plays are a more imposing factor driving U.S. activity. The rig count in the Gulf of Mexico has seen an increase during the reported time frame.

Transportation companies that are shipping goods and materials through multople means have reported a decline in cargo columes that is in part to weaker international demand. Small parcel shipments as well as railroad shipments and contariner trade volume have seen growth as well.

Housing Recovery Complicated By Oil Prices

The high price of oil has brought many negative views into the U.S. outlook. One consequence being more double dippings in housing on the table.

January’s home sale perfomance fluxuated as purchases of existing homes saw a surprising gain of 2.7% up to 5.36 million while sales of new homes plummeted 12.6% to just 284,000. Both sections were at historic lows that are being kept down by the high unemployment rate, strict mortgage standards and the unctertainty of future trends in home prices. That being said, housing in 2011 was supposed to benefit, if only diminutively, from the U.S. recovery that has seen traction being gained and from government policy remaining very accomodating.

Although housing wasn’t anticipating a surge in 2011, there was also not expectation for this large of a drag on growth, that is along the lines of the past 3 years. Household formations should increase as the national unemployment rate continutes to drop. Affordability should also benefit from the Federal Reserve’s focus on keeping mortgage rates low.

The outlook has changed in response to the rise in oil prices that correspond with the protests in the Middle East. All of a sudden businesses and consumers are uncertain where their energy bills are going, but if the trend continues we can only surmise that going up will stay the norm.

Higher bills for fuel have made this Winter even more harsh for many homes. The Energy Information Administration has estimated that the average household in the Northeast, which has been wracked with storm after storm this year, will spend $2,431 on heating oil along this Winter which is an increase of nearly 24% from last year’s total. The rise in price is also affecting many airlines and chemical making businesses.

Most economics believe the rise in fuel costs will slow output growth rather than boost inflation. These thoughts are based on higher energy costs leave less money available to be spent on other goods. Given the slack in labor markets and capacity, higher fuel costs won’t translate much into wages rising or prices that would, consequently, push up core inflation.

The oil-related drag on output, however, means fewer jobs. And faster job growth was a key support for housing in 2011. Every $10 rise in oil prices, if sustained, subtracts a one-half percentage point from gross domestic product growth. Every 1% increase in GDP translates into about one million new jobs. So, if oil prices don’t reverse, the drag on GDP growth could mean 500,000 fewer new jobs created over the course of 2011.

Of course, fewer jobs mean fewer new workers going out on their own. Household formation is the main determinant of housing demand. Curb formation and you curb home sales. That is why the housing outlook looks more precarious than it did just a few weeks ago.

Sell Or Lease Your Investment Properties?

Question: “I have two investment properties that have recently become vacant. I have not had very good luck with my previous tenants. My Husband and I would like to know if we should sell our two properties or lease them. Please let us know what you think.”

Thank you for your question. This is a situation that pops up frequently when investors manage their own properties. Finding a good qualified tenant could be one of the most important part of the investment experience. If you have an unqualified tenant you may have to evict the tenant, spend excessive amounts of time on the property, and you may have a large make ready cost when the tenant vacates. [Read more…]