The Lamar Project


On Thursday August, 8th 2013, the Lamar Project will be voted by the city council, this project will include a 96-foot-tall apartment building to be added to the current location of Taco Cabana at the corner of Lamar and Riverside. The current residents and businesses in that area are not pleased with the decision and have been protesting to vote against the project. Businesses such as, The Zach Scott Theatre, The Bridges HOA, and The Zilker neighborhood association are just some of the few not happy with the decision to build there is even question on whether or not it will affect the Historical Paggi House that has been around since the 1840’s. The project is just a start to what the outer areas of Downtown could possibly be one day, which is what the neighbors are afraid of, building bigger and more luxurious apartment buildings. If one is built it will be a prime location for other developers and architects alike. Although the current proposition for this project is only to better the city and living by adding areas for attraction and entertainment, although the votes have been pushed back long enough, tomorrow we will find out.

Austin, Texas has won X Games!


Austin, Texas has won X Games!
ESPN announced today that out of 4 other major cities, it has finally chosen where it will host the 2014 XGames. The Circuit of the Americas is a perfect place for this type of event, with ample space, parking, and land for, all of the entertainment and excitement. This is going to be such a monumental event to plan and host. Austin has now been classified as one of the leading creative class cities fully equipped to serve travelers and residence. This being said, all cities in Texas in general are booming. From the job creations, land values, our main capital city has some of the best potential for new attractions. Being known as one of the fittest cities in the US, “Austin over the last several years has really become synonymous with supporting big events,” said Scott Guglielmino, senior vice president, ESPN programming and X Games.

“The music scene is fantastic. The night life is fantastic and definitely a young, active town.”  The XGames will be in its 12 year next year, with an estimated 100,000 people in the span of the four days.  The circuit of the America’s track is 3.4 miles long, with an outdoor music venue, 25 story observatory tower, and a 44,000 square foot event center. “We’re ecstatic to be selected and thrilled to help bring ESPN’s X Games to Austin,” Circuit Founding Partner Bobby Epstein said.  “The X Games is a remarkably cool event that perfectly fits Austin’s culture and our world-class sports and entertainment venue. We want to thank the Central Texas community and its leadership, the Austin Sports Commission and the local action sports community for getting behind us, as well as project lead Paul Thornton and the entire Circuit of The Americas team for the hard work that went into preparing and securing this bid. It’s been a wonderfully collaborative effort and a big win for Texas that will pay off for years to come in terms of the X Games economic benefit to our region.”

Who knows what the next big surprise for Austin is?!