East Riverside Development

Southshore Development


Make way Austin, Riverside as we all know it will soon be completely changed if it hasn’t already shown progress, the set time frame is to be done as early as 2014, a $200 million development is set to transition the older run down parts of Austin, to now upscale living. The whole advancement will bring 800 chic, well designed apartment homes to the area with a span of 25 acres. Not only do they have prime access to Downtown which is only 2 miles away, dog parks, and front views of Lady Bird Lake, the expansion hopes to completely fulfill the evolution and revolve into more of a lifestyle than what it has been in all of our minds. The residents of Austin, will now have more of a option with a great living, not to mention the ability to improve this area dramatically, with accessibility for a bike ride, paddle-boarding, or just walk to the local bars or coffee shops . . . The Grayco Partners are the minds behind it all, and the south shore project will most definitely be a hit.

If you would like more information please visit  www.southshoredistrict.com




I-35 Underground install

Architect Sinclair Black's model

Architect Sinclair Black’s model

If you’ve lived in Austin for the last five years, you obviously know how much the city has grown. From the skyline to the traffic, everyday people move to Austin in hopes of better living, lifestyle, or career. For the uniquely known Austin, the city is just overwhelmed with growth. This week the city council has voted into installing a new and improved way of living for I-35, east to west. The city strives for easier commute, development, and modifications that will change Austin forever. The already acclaimed urban boulevard is hoping to include attractions such as restaurants, museums, parks, and more. With a grand budget of $500 million, the city plans to build something known as a cut and cap underground tunnel like system. With that being said it will include an upper deck for the attractions, and below, an actual 8 lane highway system, going from 15th street to Lady Bird Lake. The architect Sinclair Black is the brains behind the whole operation, freeing up to 30 acres for the development that hopes to bring in up to 900 million dollars in profits.